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Micellar Casein, Grass Fed, and Whey Hydrolysates Continue to Trend in Dairy Market, Say IFT 2017 Firms Micellar Casein, Grass Fed, and Whey Hydrolysates Continue to Trend in Dairy Market, Say IFT 2017 Firms Micellar casein, grass-fed cows, and hydrolysates are still some of the trendiest topics within dairy ingredients, said representatives from the U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC; Arlington, VA) and whey-ingredient supplier Arla Foods Ingredients (Viby J, Denmark) at this year’s Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting and Food Expo. Micellar casein is a recent achievement in dairy protein processing. Through ultrafiltration, or microfiltration, micellar casein is created as a dairy protein that combines the benefits of slow-digesting casein protein and fast-digesting whey protein. “Micellar casein is a really great ingredient because you get the benefits of the milk protein and the whey protein,” said Terri Rexroat, USDEC’s vice president, U.S. trade services, global marketing, at IFT. “It’s a great ingredient that’s really versatile and carries a lot of really optimal properties of milk.” She also pointed to micellar casein’s high solubility as a benefit to formulators. “In a lot of applications—like infant formula, for example—they need to add separate minerals like magnesium and calcium to meet the mineral nutrition requirements.” When added separately, she said, these ingredients can result in a protein ingredient that’s fairly insoluble. By contrast, she said, micellar casein is “protein in its native form that comes in the milk” and contains all of the minerals inherent in milk, with no separate nutrient additions required. As a result, she said, micellar casein “is a very soluble ingredient that’s easy to work with.” Not only that, she said, but unlike a dairy protein like caseinates, which can contain off-notes, micellar casein’s flavor is smooth and clean. Consumers awareness of micellar casein is still growing, said Rexroat, even though it’s “been out there for a few years.” Some consumers assume that micellar casein will always be a more expensive protein option—something that Rexroat says isn’t necessarily true. “The price isn’t necessarily going to be higher than a milk protein isolate,” she said. “[The price is] going to vary by processor, so someone who is interested in micellar casein should look at all the processors that are out there and talk to each one” about pricing, Rexroat said, noting that there are currently about four or five micellar casein suppliers in the United States.

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The Great Benefits Associated With Fitness

Fitness is important to you, even if you're not planning on running a marathon. The only problem people have with getting into shape is that they don't know how to.

You may want to think about procuring the services of a personal trainer for one or two sessions if you have never worked out before. Trainers that are good help you improve on your strengths while at the same time build on your weaknesses. Having someone around to show you what to do can make going to the gym a little less intimidating. Hiring a professional will put you on a path you'll be motivated to continue on.

Don't be scared! Another great form of exercise is biking. Biking to work is inexpensive, enjoyable and a great fitness booster that almost anyone can do. Biking for 5 miles to work and 5 miles home will give you two daily workouts.

Always mix in some variety into your workout and exercise routine. You will not be bored and stay on top of your exercise regimen. Your body will also not benefit as much if you do the same thing every day.

Be creative when coming up with a fitness routine. There are many activities you can try without having to join a gym. By finding activities that you enjoy, you will not become bored but rather look forward to your exercise.

Crunches shouldn't be all you concentrate on when you're working out abdominal muscles. One study found that 250,000 crunches burns only a single pound of fat. Simply performing crunches is not as effective as a more comprehensive program. For best results, incorporate different abdominal exercises into your routine.

Doing thousands of crunches will not give you a six pack. Abdominal exercises will strengthen your muscles, but they won't burn off your belly fat. You have to workout every area of your body and go on a strict diet in order to get washboard abs.

Ensure that you wear appropriate shoes during exercise sessions. Wearing the right kind of shoes is key to getting the most out of your workouts. Also, you feet will be more worn out from the work and can discourage you.

Many folks who are frustrated with diet and exercise start extreme fitness programs, some of which are dangerous. This risks damage to joints and muscles in addition to excessive stress to the heart and possible dehydration. Furthermore, if exercise is so intense that the body reaches an anaerobic condition, no more fat will be metabolized.

Many people are of the thought that abdominals should be worked every single day. However, this is just not the case. Your abdominal muscles are similar to your other muscles and require regular rest in order to grow. You should try to give 2 to 3 days rest between your ab workouts.

The advice from this article will help you better reach your personal fitness goals. Nothing can stop you from reaching your goals when you are motivated and continue to do the right things. You'll soon notice the appearance of long lasting benefits.

Down-to-earth Canada Plans Guidance

"I would call it a wrong-headed policy if the opposition in Canada proposed such a measure, but I don't think they would," says Hussen. In this week's Headliner, we speak with Ahmed Hussen, a former Somali refugee who now serves as Canada's Immigration Minister, about the country's ambitious immigration policy. Special Discussion: Is the US covering up civilian deaths in Iraq? The United States claims the war on ISIL is "one of the most precise air campaigns in history," saying that only one in every 157 airstrikes in Iraq results in a civilian death. A recent New York Times investigation, however, found that civilians in Iraq are actually dying at 31 times that rate. So, why do so many of their deaths remain uncounted? "What we found is that in about half of the total airstrikes...that resulted in civilian deaths, of those civilian death airstrikes, half of them were the result of poor or outdated intelligence, most likely. We were unable to discern an ISIS target nearby," says Azmat Khan, co-author of the New York Times Magazine investigation, The Uncounted. "I came to the conclusion that many internally know that these numbers are vastly wrong, and have done very little to try to correct them". John Tirman, Executive Director at MIT's Center for International Studies and author of the book, The Deaths of Others: The Fate of Civilians in America's Wars, says: "I think it's the unwillingness to confront the horror of what has occurred on the ground that creates this turning away and indifference, basically." In this special discussion, Azmat Khan and John Tirman shed light on whether the US military is lying about the real impact of its airstrikes in Iraq. Follow UpFront on Twitter @AJUpFront and Facebook.

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Learn The Important Basics You Need To Know About Vitamins And Minerals

To stay healthy, you need to receive the right nutrients. Be that as it may, many do not understand which vitamins and minerals they should take, much less how much. Use these tips to learn how.

In order for the body to fully utilize them vitamins require synthesization, so you should know for sure how they react with each other. For example, calcium makes it harder for you to absorb iron. Don't drink or eat dairy products or take your calcium supplement until about a half hour of taking your iron.

Eat a diet that is very balanced in combination with a vitamin regimen. Get between 5 to 7 servings of fruit and vegetables every day. If your diet does not provide the right amount of nutrients, consider taking supplements to improve your health.

Calcium can maintain and build stronger bones. In order for the body to be able to readily absorb calcium, your body must have ample levels of vitamin D. This vitamin can be obtained through food, supplements and sunlight. All of these help you boost your calcium levels.

Try scheduling supplements that have fat around mealtimes to take them with food. For instance, Vitamins A, E, and K are not absorbed properly when taken on an empty stomach. Foods that contain fat will help this.

Why does your body hurt so much? Instead of going to a doctor or a chiropractor to help with aches that are minor you should try vitamins and minerals out. Vitamin E and fish oil are a great way to make muscles feel better as they aid in softening them when they are taut or strained.

Iron is crucial to red blood cell production. These cells are most important; they carry oxygen to each cell in your body. Women need more iron than men, and often vitamin supplements that are specifically for women will have extra iron. If you suffer from fatigue, you may need to have an iron deficiency.

You should be making sure your daily diet consists of the right nutrients and vitamins in order to stay healthy. They can improve how you feel and could reduce your number of doctor's visits.

Gummy vitamins made for children are delicious, but make sure you take more than directed for a child. You will require a higher dosage in this circumstance. But read the label carefully, as it can be a problem to take too many of them at one time, too.

Prior to taking minerals or vitamins, consult with your doctor to see if you're suffering from any deficiencies. This is the first area on which you must concentrate when you choose your supplements, so understanding which ones you must start taking immediately is critical.

When money is tight it is easy to save money by eating cheap, processed foods that are low in vitamins and minerals. If you want to make sure that you get the nutrition you need to stay healthy, pick up a couple of bottles of vitamins.

Your body requires ample vitamins to stay healthy and alert. When you lack these, you may become depressed or sick. These tips can help you optimize your health through the use of supplements.

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